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How It Works:

Please read the whole page before selling to us, especially the chart on what we need in each size further down the page. We do not want to waste your time. Check back often too because we update it based on what we are currently looking for every few weeks. Our inventory changes daily and so does our needs. Thank you

We pay you cash for Children's clothing, shoes, accessories, toys and equipment. We buy items that are current styles. The amount we pay is based on brand name, condition, style and current demand. Unlike any consignment store we pay you immediately for the items that we accept. Our stores only stock pieces that are in great condition, on trend and that's what we look for in items that we purchase from you.  

Brands We Love

Earn CASH in 3 easy steps:

#1 – Sort through your kid’s stuff too good to throw out.
Wash ‘em up fresh and clean, condition is what counts.

#2 – Our buyers will check out your boxes and bins.
They’ll select from what’s needed and stylishly in.

#3 – Get cash on-the-spot for what we keep in our store,
Or choose store credit to earn even more.



  • 2 laundry basket size bins OR 3 white trash bags of clothes and/or shoes. Please keep them light

                  Clothing: see website for what we need, there is a graph with what we need in each size.

                  Clothing needs to be recently laundered, with all their pieces together.

                   And free of smoke smell.    Shoes need to be recently cleaned or wiped down.

  • Equipment and toys, no limit but all the pieces need to be together and in working condition and clean.

We are limiting how much people bring in because we are getting inundated with items.

Buying information:

      Drop ins: Monday - Saturday: 10:30-4:00

We cannot look at items on Black Friday or Small Business Saturday!

No buyer working: Sundays for the whole month of November. You may leave up to 2 white trash bags of clothing only while the buyer is out. You will fill out the form with whoever is working and they will write your name on the white trash bags. Someone will go through your items and get back to you. No toys or equipment on Sundays please.

We offer CASH/CHECK or STORE CREDIT and you can choose between the two amounts!
No appointment needed. Stop by during our drop in hours above (note, this is different than our shopping hours). 

We are currently buying: 
Clothing: See image below for what we need in each size. 

Dance wear: leotards and shoes
Equipment: pack n plays and play pens, play yards and gates,  exersaucers, jumpers, walkers, table top high chairs and boosters, backpack/hiking carriers, Bumbo seats, potties,  infant bouncy seats.

Strollers: we are looking for high end single strollers, umbrella strollers, all brands double strollers, and single and double joggers.
Toys:  kitchen sets, trains, infant toys, table and chairs, boy toddler and youth toys

We look at your items as you bring them in, if you need to leave while we are going through your things, please remember that items being returned to you that are not picked up by closing time the day you bring them in will be donated to a local charity, unless arrangements have been made with the store ahead of time. We do not have room to store items. This is different if the buyers are not working the day of, see the slip you sign for details on that.

Please make sure your clothing is freshly laundered, within the season we are buying, less than 3 years old and has all it’s parts.

For toys and equipment, please make sure they are clean, have all their pieces, they work properly and have not been recalled.  We test each toy and equipment that comes in, so please make sure they are ready to be tested: we do not change batteries, so if you don't have any in the toy/equipment we will have to return them as not working.

Anything we buy out right, whether for cash or store credit payments, will be for a third of what we will be selling it for. Anything we place on consignment will be a 50/50 split of the agreed upon price after it sells. Sellers are under no obligation to sell to us if they do not like the amount we are able to pay. We would love to pay what people want for their items, but unfortunately things only sell for a certain amount. The more we pay for an item, the higher we have to sell it for and some brands just can’t be put out for the same as other brands.


Currently need the following in each size/gender. Updated 11/15



Outerwear: rain coats and pants, rain boots, Fall jackets, Winter jackets, snow pants, snow boots.

"name brand":  the more expensive or better quality brands. Typically means we are full of Carter's or similar brands

Holidays (unless specified):  Christmas.


Mon-Sat: 10am - 5pm & Sun: 11am - 4pm